Special Abu Dhabi

Market success in Abu Dhabi

The agency has been providing regular support for clients
in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) since 2004. As a result of working with local and international companies in this emirate, we have extensive knowledge of the local market and the local conditions.

Our range of services in this business sector includes:

For companies not yet established in Abu Dhabi
  • Support for marketing initiatives and trade fair participation in Abu Dhabi
  • Preparation and management of business trips to
    Abu Dhabi for your business partners and investors
  • Support for business establishment and cooperation projects
  • “Living and working in Abu Dhabi” – preparing for successful integration into a new environment

For companies established in Abu Dhabi
  • Marketing support (e.g. participation in international trade fairs)
  • Branding and development of an international reputation
  • Corporate communication, potential check and communication audit
  • Internal communication in change processes
  • Establishment of internal communication departments
  • Optimisation of current communication activities and structures

For hospitals
  • “Focus on Arab patients” – comprehensive communication of specific cultural features
    • in preparation for Arab patients
    • in dealing with Arab patients