Value added right from the start

Drawing on our knowledge and experience, we help you to determine the communication requirements in your particular situation. On this basis, we pinpoint and eliminate weaknesses and establish customised solutions so that your objectives can be achieved efficiently. The consulting procedure might look like this:

Strategy development

  • We analyse your current situation from various perspectives and assess the appropriateness of possible communication mechanisms. Depending on the situation, that will include, for example, a risk analysis and a potential check.
  • Where appropriate, we work out situation improvement scenarios and check their feasibility with you.
  • Taking the analysis of the current situation as the starting point, we develop a strategy to determine when and how communication could be used to achieve the mutually defined objectives and to reach your target groups effectively.

Planning of measures

  • Based on the strategy, we suggest suitable communication content and instruments.
  • We work closely with you to develop a detailed schedule that will ensure the efficient realisation of your objectives.
  • On request, we draw up implementation schedules and provide support during their implementation.