Uplift for your project

Your topic, your project, your department – how do people in-house view your performance? Do you find yourself facing prejudice, unjustified criticism or the need to justify yourself? If so, you should reconsider your communication. This is where we can help. We work with you to analyse the situation and your communication needs from four angles:

  • Strategic communication with senior management, clients, the steering committee, contract and cooperation partners, and interest groups
  • Working communication within the project team, with internal departments and external cooperation partners
  • Change communication with and for the staff affected and involved
  • Internal and external project or topic marketing: Information for in-house personnel, clients and suppliers

Tension in just one of the four areas is enough to undermine the reputation and acceptance of a project. We give your topic, project or department a new boost by providing support in the following stages:

  • Specifically targeted communication concept covering all four areas
  • Optimised communication processes and instruments
  • Appropriate content and well-formulated arguments
  • Detailed schedules
  • Coordinated implementation